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The Singularity

Technological singularity refers to the hypothetical future emergence of greater-than human intelligence through technological means. Since the capabilities of such an intelligence would be difficult for an unaided human mind to comprehend, the occurrence of technological singularity is seen as an intellectual event horizon, beyond which the future becomes difficult to understand or predict. Nevertheless, proponents of the singularity typically anticipate such an event to precede an "intelligence explosion", wherein superintelligences design successive generations of increasingly powerful minds. The term was coined by science fiction writer Vernor Vinge, who argues that artificial intelligence, human biological enhancement or brain-computer interfaces could be possible causes for the singularity. The concept is popularized by futurists like Ray Kurzweil and widely expected by proponents to occur in the early to mid twenty first century. (source Wikipedia)

Coming soon! There is even already a Singularity-University in the United States funded by the largest group Hight-Tech World with Google.

Singularity-Pass aims to offer a 'Pass' to our future, to guide you during this acceleration to come and help you get the latest developments.

French part of Singularity-Pass is more advenced, you can see here.

News Kurzweil

SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI-2017)
12/9/2017 2:42:27 AM Kurzweil c
The Conference is aimed at those who wish to update themselves with news and views of recent developments, understand how other groups are applying the technology and exchange ideas with leading international experts in the field. Our goal, as always, is for our annual conference to be a meeting place for the international artificial intelligence [...]

AI in Healthcare Summit
12/9/2017 2:34:32 AM Kurzweil c
We are now accepting speaker and sponsorship applications for this event. If you’re interested in participating, please contact Corinne Smart at (870) 543-2295 or Join us in Boston this January 18-19 for our AI in Healthcare Summit, an industry-leading event uniquely seated at the burgeoning intersection of healthcare and cutting-edge technologies. You’ll discover the latest advances in [...]

3D-printing biocompatible living bacteria
12/9/2017 2:17:38 AM Kurzweil c
Researchers at ETH Zurich university have developed a technique for 3D-printing biocompatible living bacteria for the first time — making it possible to produce produce high-purity cellulose for biomedical applications and nanofilters that can break down toxic substances (in drinking water, for example) or for use in disastrous oil spills, for example. The technique, called [...]

New technology allows robots to visualize their own future
12/7/2017 5:45:35 AM Kurzweil c
UC Berkeley | Vestri the robot imagines how to perform tasks UC Berkeley researchers have developed a robotic learning technology that enables robots to imagine the future of their actions so they can figure out how to manipulate objects they have never encountered before. It could help self-driving cars anticipate future events on the road [...]

Why (most) future robots won’t look like robots
12/5/2017 5:10:21 AM Kurzweil c
Future robots won’t be limited to humanoid form (like Boston Robotics’ formidable backflipping Atlas). They’ll be invisibly embedded everywhere in common objects. Such as a shoe that can intelligently support your gait, change stiffness as you’re running or walking, and adapt to different surfaces — or even help you do backflips. That’s the vision of researchers [...]

The Quantum Spy: A Thriller
12/2/2017 3:12:48 AM Kurzweil c
From the best-selling author of The Director and Body of Lies comes a thrilling tale of global espionage, state-of-the-art technology, and unthinkable betrayal. A hyper-fast quantum computer is the digital equivalent of a nuclear bomb; whoever possesses one will be able to shred any encryption and break any code in existence. The winner of the race to build the [...]

Using light instead of electrons promises faster, smaller, more-efficient computers and smartphones
12/2/2017 3:08:28 AM Kurzweil c
By forcing light to go through a smaller gap than ever before, a research team at Imperial College London has taken a step toward computers based on light instead of electrons. Light would be preferable for computing because it can carry much-higher-density information, it’s much faster, and more efficient (generates little to no heat). But [...]

New nanomaterial, quantum encryption system could be ultimate defenses against hackers
11/30/2017 5:43:24 AM Kurzweil c
Recent advances in quantum computers may soon give hackers access to machines powerful enough to crack even the toughest of standard internet security codes. With these codes broken, all of our online data — from medical records to bank transactions — could be vulnerable to attack. Now, a new low-cost nanomaterial developed by New York [...]

Dawn of the New Everything: Encounters with Reality and Virtual Reality
11/28/2017 5:22:34 AM Kurzweil c
The father of virtual reality explains its dazzling possibilities by reflecting on his own lifelong relationship with technology Bridging the gap between tech mania and the experience of being inside the human body, Dawn of the New Everything is a look at what it means to be human at a moment of unprecedented technological possibility. [...]

Space dust may transport life between worlds
11/26/2017 7:06:57 AM Kurzweil c
Life on our planet might have originated from biological particles brought to Earth in streams of space dust, according to a study published in the journal Astrobiology. A huge amount of space dust (~10,000 kilograms — about the weight of two elephants) enters our atmosphere every day — possibly delivering organisms from far-off worlds, according [...]

Using microrobots to diagnose and treat illness in remote areas of the body
11/25/2017 1:54:09 AM Kurzweil c
Imagine a swarm of remote-controlled microrobots, a few micrometers in length (blood-vessel-sized), unleashed into your body to swim through your intestinal track or blood vessels, for example. Goal: to diagnose illness and treat it in hard-to-reach areas of the body. An international team of researchers, led by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, is now [...]

show | Ray Kurzweil featured on Dream Big Podcast
11/24/2017 7:00:35 AM Kurzweil c
show: Dream Big Podcast | link episode title: Inventor Ray Kurzweil gazes into the future | link episode: no. 59 date: November 20, 2017 podcast | listen to the show here In this episode no. 59 of Dream Big Podcast : Guest Ray Kurzweil explores what it’s like to be an inventor, how he gets [...]

Take a fantastic 3D voyage through the brain with immersive VR system
11/23/2017 7:37:37 AM Kurzweil c
Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering/Lüscher lab (UNIGE) | Brain circuits related to natural reward What happens when you combine access to unprecedented huge amounts of anatomical data of brain structures with the ability to display billions of voxels (3D pixels) in real time, using high-speed graphics cards? Answer: An awesome new immersive virtual reality [...]

Disturbing video depicts near-future ubiquitous lethal autonomous weapons
11/19/2017 12:02:33 AM Kurzweil c
Campaign to Stop Killer Robots | Slaughterbots In response to growing concerns about autonomous weapons, the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, a coalition of AI researchers and advocacy organizations, has released a fictional video that depicts a disturbing future in which lethal autonomous weapons have become cheap and ubiquitous worldwide. UC Berkeley AI researcher Stuart Russell [...]

How to open the blood-brain-barrier with precision for safer drug delivery
11/18/2017 5:13:09 AM Kurzweil c
Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital have developed a safer way to use focused ultrasound to temporarily open the blood-brain barrier* to allow for delivering vital drugs for treating glioma brain tumors — an alternative to invasive incision or radiation. Focused ultrasound drug delivery to the brain uses “cavitation” — creating microbubbles — to temporarily open [...]

2017 Foresight Vision Weekend
11/17/2017 9:56:35 PM Kurzweil c
The Vision Weekend is a gathering dedicated to taking stock of the most compelling ideas of today, turn them into coherent visions for a better future, and get to work on them. Saturday: Keynote panels @ Gray Area. Industry leaders deliver food for thought during panels, followed by private Q&A tables with your favorite speaker. [...]

Consumer Technology Association inducts Ray Kurzweil, 11 other visionaries into the 2017 Consumer Technology Hall of Fame
11/16/2017 11:49:35 PM Kurzweil c
The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) inducted Ray Kurzweil and 11 other industry leaders into the Consumer Technology (CT) Hall of Fame at its 19th annual awards dinner, held Nov. 7, 2017 at the Rainbow Room, atop 30 Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. CTA, formerly Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), created the Hall of Fame in 2000 to honor industry [...]

Nearly every job is becoming more digital — Brookings study
11/16/2017 4:52:12 AM Kurzweil c
Digital technology is disrupting the American workforce, but in vastly uneven ways, according to a new analysis of 545 occupations in a report published today by the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program. The report, “Digitalization and the American workforce,” provides a detailed analysis of changes since 2001 in the digital content of 545 occupations that represent 90 [...]

Mapping connections of single neurons using a holographic light beam
11/14/2017 5:33:02 AM Kurzweil c
Researchers at MIT and Paris Descartes University have developed a technique for precisely mapping connections of individual neurons for the first time by triggering them with holographic laser light. The technique is based on optogenetics (using light to stimulate or silence light-sensitive genetically modified protein molecules called “opsins” that are embedded in specific neurons). Current [...]

New method 3D-prints fully functional electronic circuits
11/11/2017 3:27:00 AM Kurzweil c
Researchers at the University of Nottingham have developed a method for rapidly 3D-printing fully functional electronic circuits such as antennas, medical devices, and solar-energy-collecting structures. Unlike conventional 3D printers, these circuits can contain both both electrically conductive metallic inks (like the silver wires in the photo above) and insulating polymeric inks (like the yellow and orange [...]


Cyborg & Eyeborg Project


The Quantum World!

A musical investigation into the nature of atoms and subatomic particles, the jiggly things that make up everything we see. Featuring Morgan Freeman, Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku, Brian Cox, Richard Feynman, and Frank Close.


Why Intelligent Optimism Is Crucial to Human Progress
12/11/2017 5:00:27 PM Singularity Hub
There is nothing to be gained from blind optimism. But an optimistic mindset can be grounded in rationality and evidence. It may be hard to believe, b...
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History Suggests the Hyperloop Is an Uncertain Promise for Future Cities
12/10/2017 5:00:34 PM Singularity Hub
Proponents of Hyperloop have repeatedly suggested that their transportation technology will create new “mega-regions,” essentially reshaping the scope...
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This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through December 9)
12/9/2017 5:00:07 PM Singularity Hub
ROBOTICS New Robots Can See Into Their Future Brett Israel | Berkeley News “Using this technology, called visual foresight, the robots can predict wha...
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Ultrafast 3D Printing Alternative Makes Complete 3D Objects in Seconds
12/8/2017 8:05:44 PM Singularity Hub
3D printing allows engineers to custom build intricate structures impossible with traditional manufacturing, but the layer-by-layer approach can be sl...
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Black Holes Are Simpler Than Forests and Science Has Its Limits
12/8/2017 5:00:15 PM Singularity Hub
Albert Einstein said that the “most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.” He was right to be astonished. Human brai...
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Why Humanoid Robots Are Still So Hard to Make Useful
12/7/2017 5:00:50 PM Singularity Hub
Picture a robot. In all likelihood, you just pictured a sleek metallic or chrome-white humanoid. Yet the vast majority of robots in the world around u...
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These Bacteria Use New DNA Bases to Make a Protein Not Found in Nature
12/7/2017 4:00:49 PM Singularity Hub
All of nature’s bewildering complexity can be reduced to a four letter code—DNA’s four bases: A, T, C, and G. But now scientists have shown the langua...
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Neuroscience Could Bring Us Eternal Bliss, But Is That a Good Thing?
12/6/2017 5:00:20 PM Singularity Hub
What if the secret to eternal happiness is a brain implant? If you’re thinking that sounds like the premise of a Black Mirror episode, you’re not alon...
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Robotic Materials Will Distribute Intelligence All Over a Robot’s Body
12/5/2017 5:15:58 PM Singularity Hub
The classical view of a robot as a mechanical body with a central “brain” that controls its behavior could soon be on its way out. The authors of a re...
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How to Design the Future We Want and Find the Path That Leads to It
12/5/2017 4:45:23 PM Singularity Hub
Everyone wants to know the future, but how exactly? Authors Julia Rose West and Alida Draudt aim to help people better see the future and take action ...
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